In memory of NYC skateboarding legend Andy Kessler, another Riverside Skate Jam went down this year at Riverside skate park (aka Andy Kessler Skate Park). Guys and girls of all ages headed over to NYC’s only outdoor vert ramp to skate for Andy. Contest results and some photos from the day embedded below.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and a big thanks to Ian Clarke, his team and the sponsors for making the event happen! #RIPANDYKESSLER


40 and under Vert

1st – Sean Plundeke
2nd – Angus McGillivray Smith
3rd – Dean Mendez

Masters Vert

1st – Bryan Montez
2nd – Jim Murphy
3rd – Ivory Serra


1st – Tanner Diamond
2nd – Kalab Wong
3rd – Daniel Ferrando


1st – Jesse Frietze
2nd – Shannon South
3rd – Nadya Goldstein

Wall Ride

1st (12.25 ft) – Shelter Serra
2nd (12.00 ft) – Sean Plundeke
3rd (11.75 ft) – Frank Nicado


Photos via John Fudala:

Photos via Ray Sunwoo:

Photos via Gregory Gunn:

Photos via Tony West:

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