NYSB Contributor/NY Skateboarding OG/Mighty Healthy founder – Ray Mate recently lost his father Ramon at 68. Anyone who knows Ray can vouch for his consistent support of the skateboarding community throughout the past few decades. If you can please take a moment to give Ray and his family some support during this troubling time. They’ve setup a GoFundMe page for anyone who’s able to chip in a few dollars in support. Please help them out if you can.

“I have so many stories about you. If you knew him you would understand what an impact he has made on my life. He made me practice my penmanship on Saturdays. He took us to Coney Island for hot dogs at Nathans. We would have birthday parties at Caesar’s Bay Bazaar, hang out with your friends at Sheepshead Bay, Ned’s bar at Rockaway Parkway to play darts, dinners in Chinatown, trips to Montauk and even took us to the Pipeline when you found out we fell in love with Skateboarding. I remember you chasing a man that knocked Robert on his ass to steal his bike in Seaview Park. You beat him up in front of 6 cops. We rode motorcycles together. We partied together. You loved John Lennon, Thurman Munson, the 86 Giants, The Yankees, my mother, my brother and my son Mason Six. You are one of a kind. You know New York like no one. You drove a NY Taxi cab played basketball in the park in Bay Ridge. You survived a Tsunami Haiyan in 2013. You made us laugh and always taught us about how the world works. A True Yorker and one of a kind. I wish you knew him my father was a great man.”

Rest in Paradise Dad I love you – Ray Mate’