Photo via Ryan Zimmerman

I met Justin Adams skating around New York shortly after I moved back from Florida in 2012. His positive attitude made it fun to skate and chill with him. You’ve probably seen him around too, flashing a smile and  either pushing himself to skate harder or pushing you to land that trick you’ve been trying to land for a while. I remember skating in the financial district with Justin when my pants split from the crotch to my ankles leaving me pretty exposed. After some good laughs we skated to the nearest store and Justin spotted me the cash to get a new pair of pants until I could pay him back. That’s just the kind of dude he is, he’s got everyone’s back when they need him. 

Name: Justin Adams

Age: 31

Hometown: Washington D.C

Current Borough: Brooklyn

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: SHUT, El Señor, Rockstar Bearings, NOIZY Brands, Crispy Griptape, Tretruck & Gnarmads.

Edited by Chris Miller
Filmed by Angel Fonseca, Grim Padilla & Lucas Torres
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Photo via Sam Mckenna

What’s up Justin, how’s 2016 treating you so far?
Loving the new year so far. I’m pretty hyped to still be able to skate here in NYC now that its January…weather has been decent.

For those who don’t know you, tell us a little about yourself and how you got started skating
I’m just a young man trying to enjoy the city life that New York has to offer. As far as getting into skating I need to say thank you to my older brother Jason. If it wasn’t for him doing big ass kickflips and taking me street skating with him and his friends in the early 90’s I probably wouldn’t have ever picked up a board.

How did you first start getting involved with SHUT?
Hitting up Boca LES on slappy Sundays. I’d have to say thank you to Big Jim and Luke for getting me involved with the SHUTNYC familia but mainly Michael Cohen for sure!

What’s your favorite thing about skating in New York?
Being able to come right out of my door, bomb a hill and hit a slappy.

What’s your least favorite thing about New York?
The snow and ice.

What is it about skateboarding that first got you hooked?
The simple satisfaction of landing a trick… any trick!

Why won’t you ever stop skating?
Can’t stop won’t stop, its my drug of choice in this world.

Who do you usually skate with?
The homies rom the Bronx, Angel Fonseca and Olu Stanley.

Favorite spot to skate?
Love Park – SAVE LOVE!

What’s your craziest skate session story?
Skating this 10 set one time I completely knocked myself out and didn’t know what happened… my friend said I had a seizure.

Craziest security-related story?
Ahhh the glorious 2.5’s! At Seaport last summer some half ass security threw a glass bottle at us during a mid-afternoon session shit was lit.

Photo via Cornphoto

Photo via Cornphoto

What’s a day in your life ?
Coffee, cigarettes, skateboarding and keeping it lit all day.

Who do you see coming up that needs more coverage?
Olu Stanley!

Why not go out to California like a lot of other skaters, what keeps you here in NYC?
I’ve done the suburbs. I need that hustle and bustle NYC has to offer.

What do you hope to accomplish this year?
I just wanna be happy and have a good time as always.

You make mix tapes and film right? What’s the next project?
Yeah I like to put little edits out every season and give them stupid titles. My next project is in the works and shall be called “Winter Warriors” so be on the look out… lots of dope NYC locals will be in there for sure.

When you’re not skating where’s the chill spot?
I’d say the LES area in general though, no specific place.

Favorite spot for drinks?
Left Field or Max Fish.

Favorite spot for food?
Las Lunitas in Bushwick Brooklyn.

Any shout outs or thanks to anyone?
My girlfriend , my friends and family thanks for always backing me, all my sponsors SHUTNYC ,El Señor, Rockstar Bearings, Gnarmads, NOIZY Brands, Tretruck, Crispy Griptape and everyone over at NY Skateboarding thank you once again!