One of the more unique voices in local skate videos is Michael Breitmaier. His Street Urchin videos are filmed entirely on an Iphone 6 as a mashup of skating, unique street characters, and music that is intentionally…well, strange to say the least. It’s definitely entertaining and a less serious take on the skateboarding world. With the release of Street Urchins 6, We fed Michael a few questions about himself.

Full Video: Street Urchins 6


Name: Michael Breitmaier

Age: 23

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Current Borough: Brooklyn 

What’s up Mike? How’s life treating you this week?
Hmm this week…well I had a hernia scare and I’m getting ready to go to Puerto Rico with some of my favorite people. So life is treating me good! Besides that hernia sheeit.

I just watched the new Street Urchins, love Mike Faller’s wall ride in the Nike SB Garage. How long have you guys been skating together?
Really? I hated his wall ride… cause I couldn’t do it 🙁  but we’ve been together for 8 years. it’s actually the typical love story… we met at a Christian skate fellowship…


When did you start skating and what got you hooked?
My brothers and the neighborhood kids would gather in our garage every day after school and skate. Eventually I put down the video game controller and joined them!

Did you pick up filming and photography before or after you started skating?
After. Skateboarding opened my 4 eyes to many great things.

What started the whole Street Urchins thing? Can you break down how you go about making each video?
At first I just had a bunch of random sheeit (skating, crackheads & shenanigans) sitting on my phone. I was bored one day so I started editing it all together. Shortly after that I was filming the same things with more of a purpose. I decided to use the title “Street Urchins” because I thought the name kinda matched skateboarders since we’re always out lurking the streets. But mainly it was just another name I used for the tweakers and psychos that roam the streets and we showcase some of the finest Street Urchins in our videos. Not to mention the amazing music!


Photo of Michael Breitmaier by Matt Budjinski

Where’s your favorite spot in the city to skate/film?
Anywhere besides LES skate park.

Best thing about NY?
Actual Street Urchins.

Worst thing about NY?
Actual Street Urchins.

Any influences out there in the skate world?
My so called friends.

Any for filming and photos?
Josh Stewart, Patrick Wallner, Grant Yansura and my friends.

Who’s in your crew?
I wouldn’t say I have a “crew” but to name a few of the people that I’ve been associating myself with lately and who you can see in the Street Urchins videos… Mike Faller, Daniel Frank, Marshal Nicholson, Dylan Drew, Jake Pflum, Greg Cottarel, Myles Salazar, Derick Glancy, Mike Mag and Leo Banuelos.

You do the photos for Sleep Skateboards, how did that come about?
A friend of mine does the graphics and another friend of mine rides for them so I got linked up with sleep thru them.

What’s your setup?
Photos: Pentax K1000 & Kodak 400 Color Film. SkateboardSleep Skateboard, Spitfire Wheels (Christmas gift from my brother – thanks Connor!), Independent Trucks and a fresh sheet of GRIZZLY Grip. Film gear: iPhone 6

What do you have planned for your next video? Any full lengths or other projects you wanna talk about?
We’re going to Puerto Rico in a few days so definitely wanna put together a Puerto Rico video and I just made some Street Urchins shirts! Also I’m putting together a book for my photos so stay tuned.

Any thanks or shout outs?
I’d like to thank Anna Grace (the ol’ ball and chain), Mike Faller, Kevin Flanagan, Connor Breitmaier, Leo Banuelos, Derick Glancy, Mike Mag, Josh Baker, Marshal Nicholson, Daniel Frank, Chris Miller, Anthony Ianiro, Scott Breitmaier, Krudco Skateshop, Sleep Skateboards, NY Skateboarding, anyone who likes our videos, and anyone I didn’t feel like naming 🙂

Photo of Mike Faller by Michael Breitmaier

Photo of Mike Faller by Michael Breitmaier


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