Thanks again to Nimbus for hosting last Sunday’s #BKSKATENIGHT! Here’s a Nimbus clip we’ve been holding onto for a few weeks… it’s from 1990 via Manny Pangilinan.

Nimbus Skates 1990 – Manny Pangilinan

Nimbus Skates was a company made by skaters Charlie Butterly and Ian McCarthy. The two scouted the most talented skaters in the New York TriState Area mainly from the years 1989-1992, creating what back then was referred to as a Posse. The most radical skaters of NYC were from the original Shut Posse. Each Shut rider got picked up from major skate companies and moved to California. Riders such as Sean Sheffey, Felix Arguelles, Preston, Coco Santiago, Billy Waldman, Mike Kepper. The Nimbus Posse were the next batch of talent. Jeff Pang, Peter Bici, Loki, Ryan Hickey, Peter Huynh, Jim Lynch, Matt Obrien, Justin Pierce and more. Most all of the Nimbus team became the first pro skaters for Zoo York, the Supreme Team, and were also the main characters in the movie Kids.