1-foot-clan copy
A surge of crime is hitting Brooklyn and it sounds eerily similar to a crime wave that plagued the city in 1989. “Who we gonna call? Unfortunately the police are only ones available to combat what some are already dubbing the silent crime wave…” cried April O’neal in the late 80’s. Today, the news is looking to a “rolling robber” but could it be something more complicated?

Some believe this to be a resurgence of the legendary “Foot clan.” Right now, the thief appears to act alone, but this could just be the beginning. If the Foot has learned to master more than the mongo push, they may prove to have unleashed the power of a clean getaway in an overpopulated city.

As the GX1000 video showed us, outrunning the police is still something where four wheels and some reckless abandon can work out for you if you have the balls to try it. If this knowledge has fallen into the wrong hands then we may see this trend rise with copycat thieves.


The Foot clan is headed up by their master: The Shredder. The ruthless warrior leads his misguided followers with a father-like aura that entrances them into loyal and obedient devotion to the criminal lifestyle.


If this turns out to be the case, the police may need the help of some other skaters who have a penchant for pizza and kicking some bad guy ass. If you know who is behind this please contact the proper authorities and let’s keep those Amazon packages safely on our doorsteps.