30-day tour from NYC to San Francisco with the entire Natty Kon team. Philadelphia, Frederickburg, Ocean City, Raleigh, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Louisville, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Omaha, Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego & Los Angeles.

Thanks to the following skate shop that looked out for us:
Skate Brooklyn (NY), Nocturnal (PA), Magic Bullet (VA), Swirled World (MD), Endless Grind (NC), Home (KY), Uprise (IL), Sky High (WI), 3rd Lair (MN), Wise Guy (NE), Emage (CO) , Pharmacy (NV), Sidewalk Surfer (AZ), Pacific Drive (CA), Brooklyn Projects (CA), FTC (CA) & Precision Skate Shop (NE)!

And a big shout out to AriZona Iced Tea, MILK Studios NYC & Transworld Skateboarding Magazine for their support in making this tour possible. It was the best NK tour ever!