We’re officially in the prime season for skateboarding in New York. Looking around youtube this week there’s a bunch of clips from locals goofing around, visitors taking trips up here to skate during the summer and more. Below are a roundup of some of the videos that caught our eye this week.

The Vacation Trippers

Published on 7 Jun 2016
Fun 2 day trip to NYC to skate
Uploaded by Tom Queen

Goofing Around On Blubba

Published on 12 Jun 2016
nyc skateboarding shenanigans, pretty fun.
Uploaded by Ted Loafs

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Published on 9 Jun 2016
Just doing what I love and having fun:) Had a bunch of iphone footage that I didn’t know what to do with so I made a video. Filmed in Boston, NYC, Seattle, and elsewhere. Trying to skate a lot more than I used to so that I can get better. I’ll be working at Camp Woodward this summer for 5 weeks.
Uploaded by Maya Volpacchio

Day In The Life

Published on 7 Jun 2016
This trip to Manhattan was crazy! I got to meet Casey Neistat and skateboard all over the city! I’m glad I filmed it so I will be able to look back on this trip because it was so amazing. If you enjoyed this Day in the life be sure to hit the like button, leave a comment, and SUBSCRIBE! I post every Tuesday and most
Uploaded by Blake Kent