Intro by Alex Corporan – I can’t believe we’ve been running Skate Night for 2 years now, it all started on a cold winter day at Epstein’s bar with Dom (aka @somdusca) and I talking about what to do to spark up the bar. Then we kicked it off in Spring 2014 with his awesome illustrations for the flyer, gnarly eating contest and loads of skate videos playing all night. Of course we needed a host with a voice that everyone can hear so Jim “aka Big Jim” Moore became the Johnny Rad of Skate Night and also brought in Gizmo to play his awesome tunes. Next, we brought in more great energy by including the Gnarmads.

As it’s grown we’ve gotten so many awesome sponsors from restaurants, apparel, decks, artists… you name it. Our flyers featured art by Sean Gallagher, Peter Huynh, Chris Miller & Maximilian Mueller. After Epstein’s closed we moved it to Left Field bar where Gnarmad – Matt Kruz started bartending. It was there we teamed up with Josh (aka JZ) Zickert & Sam Parks. adidas & NY Skateboarding played a big roll this season supporting all the nights at Left Field. Big thank you to Jen Aborn, Shane Bovell and Diamond D & The Stargazers for rocking the stage. Allison at Mission Cantina for providing the Burritos for the contest, Luke Skywalker for the $50 red vinegar challenge and Sam for the Dunkin Donuts contest winning the El Senor x DGK fire Hydrant pendant.This two year celebration was beyond awesome and we’re ready for more to come!

Tonight will be the season ender for NYC Skate Night, come join us!