After 2 years and 3 seasons of Skate Night it’s time to take a summer break. I barely have anything to say but just smile and thank everyone that has been a part of it. June was rocking with Skate fun overload. Now i’m gonna just chill by the beach and pool and get ready to get more creative with the crew for the come back of SkateNight in October.

Super love to Adidas, NYskateboarding, Transworld, Arizona Ice Tea, Gnarmads, Big Jim, Gizmo, Epsteins, Leftfield Bar/staff , Maximillian Mueller, Rockstar Bearings, Natural Koncept, Josh Zickert, Sam Parks, Peter Pabón, Stefania, Matt Kruz, Chef Allison, Bugsy, Dominick Susca, Michael Cohen, Shut skateboards all the Bands all the food sponsors.. Damn i can go on forever but seriously want to thank everyone you know who you are.

Words by Alex Corporan 
Photos by NYSB