Colin Read (aka Mandible Claw) once again raised the bar for skateboarding films with his latest project – Spirit Quest. His technique of spicing up raw skateboarding with innovative filming and thought provoking/fun motion graphics make him a true “game changer”.

500+ attended the premiere Saturday on one of the hottest nights of the year here in NYC and had their minds blown.The theatre was packed out until the very end and the showing was split into two parts with a 15 minute intermission. With such a stacked lineup, the skateboarding was amazing but Colin’s creative camera work and editing took it to a new level. After the video ended Colin took to the stage thanking everyone and made some announcements. Taylor Nawrocki was now pro for Politic, Matt Town is pro for Northern Co and Hiroki Muraoka is now pro for Traffic!

We had a great time and truly enjoyed Spirit Quest. Props to everyone who ripped in the vid and thanks to all of the sponsors who helped support the NYC premiere. DVD’s should be out in October, follow Colin on Instagram (@mandibleclaw) for any additional showings. Thank you Colin and congratulations on another masterpiece!


the man of the night – Colin Read aka @mandibleclaw


reception before the premiere

reception before the premiere


complimentary Lagunitas for 21+

@annamaydee serving complimentary ice cold Lagunitas (21+ only of course)

complimentary 2 Bros pizza

complimentary 2 Bros pizza

early arrival gets you the good seats

early arrival (or TOA tickets) gets you the good seats


limited edtition t-shirts for $10

limited edition t-shirts for $10

Eby Ghafarian was showing some spirit

Eby Ghafarian was showing some spirit

it’s time


the showing was split into two parts with a 15 minute intermission

after the video Colin announced some news - congrats @matt__town @epiclytaylerd @hirokimuraoka on turning pro!

some announcements – congrats @matt__town @epiclytaylerd @hirokimuraoka on turning pro!


thanks to all of the sponsors!

time to head out

The End