Photos by Glenn Probst

For the second year in a row, we took a group trip up to the Weirdwood Skateboards headquarters in New Berwick, Maine for some camping. If you haven’t heard of Weirdwood let me paint a picture for you: You’re rolling along a dirt road surrounded by large lush evergreen trees and as you pull off into Rob’s driveway you’re greeted by a quaint wooden house with a chimney…oh, and a concrete pool on one side, a snake run that wraps around the front of the house, and an ever-growing concrete playground affectionately known as “The Sea Creature.” As If that wet dream of a home wasn’t enough, about 200ft away is a masonite 8 ft mini ramp with an extension plus a 3/4 pipe next to where everyone sets up their tents, not to mention the basement bowl in the skateboard museum of a cabin Rob calls home.


Our first night was the welcome party.with everyone skating late into the night before retreating to their tents at about 4am. A couple of the Weirdwood team riders came through and killed it the entire weekend. It’s good to see there’s a decent scene in Maine with Weirdwood holding it down in a huge way.


We got a surprise around 10pm when some more New Yorkers showed up. I was grabbing a beer from the cooler when I looked up to see Oscar Wagenbuchler from and John “The Man” Reeves from Bodega Skateboards roll up. I hadn’t seen Oscar in 13 years, so for me it made the trip seem even more surreal. The next morning we woke up and got right back to skating. There’s a skatepark by Old Orchard Beach we had heard about so we went to go check that out…basically to go watch TJ Schick and the locals put on a demo.

After checking out the park, half of us hit the beach while the rest of us headed back to skate Weirdwood some more. There’s also a mini waterfall and river on the property so I took the opportunity to cool off. When you’re not skating, you’re still in the middle of the woods so it’s a great place to be all around.

image7 2

Rob gave everyone a tour of the inside of his home too. There are literally decks everywhere, it’s awesome!

The second night there was a little less ruckus, but still a ton of skating. In this wonderland, the sesh seems to be neverending.

Unfortunately though, reality called us all back to our lives, with jobs and responsibilities come Monday we parted ways and left the Weirdwoods to head back home. As always it was a great weekend. Thanks to Rob for creating the magic, Isiah, Rey, Oscar, John and everyone else who came with us on the trip this year.