For this week’s Mailbox Monday, Etnies hand-delivered us their newly released Yarn Bomb series that drops today in collaboration with Plan B. The collection has a chiller (The Scout) along with two skate focused shoes: the Marana XT and  Marana OG. Available in multiple colorways, Etnies is trying to bring a little innovation to their designs bringing the STI sole that comes on most sole tech shoes these days. They are comfortable to walk in, which is good for those of us that need to be on our feet most of the day. They tapped Trevor McClung to skate in them for the release video below.

The outer sole has good grip, with enough flexibility to maintain controlled board feel. The toe cap adds durability so you aren’t ripping through the shoe too fast. Not sure how the yarn on the Scout would hold up but willing to give it a shot! Thanks to Etnies for bringing these out to New York for us.