Some things were made right the first time around and don’t need changing, PF Flyer’s Center Hi fit in that category. They’re pretty comfortable out of the box, but that’s cause they’re canvas, the toe cap/box is pretty wide for people like me that have flippers for feet, and the insoles have ample support for a relatively thin shoe. The insoles are PF’s trademark wedged insole – PF stands for Posture Foundation, which at time – 1930s, they were the first to recognize people’s feet weren’t flat and it might be a good idea to maybe incorporate some sort of support – hence the wedge insole. There’s a lot more to the history of the brand over at the website which is pretty interesting, like it was once owned by Converse, but it was deemed a monopoly and had to be sold off. Anyhow, they’re pretty comfort and look good both on and off the board. Skating in them is another thing all together. Whether cruising or skating curbs, they have good board feel, on the other hand, ollies and kick flips will tear thru the canvas in a matter of hours. Kids skate in canvas sneakers, so it’s to be expected, buy stock in Shoe Gloo I guess.


For comfort, I’ll give them 8, they’re wide enough that they fit my flippers and don’t scrunch up my toes in the toecap and the insoles are just the right amount of support, be it skating or walking. Style, I’ll say a 9 as well, both worn in or new, they just look good with a pair of jeans. Skateability, a 7, griptape goes thru canvas faster than skaters drink PBRs at a skate event. 

Editor’s Note: You may remember the PF Flyer’s from the famous chase scene with Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez and Hercules. Starts at about 1:00 in on the youtube video.