Smooth flat ground and waxed mellow banks are a perfect combination for a good time on the skateboard front. This spot was located a hill bomb away from our house (Daniel Frank, Ben Snawder, Amanda, myself) and was the go-to spot when we had out-of-town visitors come through. It would also be the lazy day spot that Ben and I would skate quite frequently. One time while skating here with a crew from Chattanooga, Tennessee there was a shoot out. A young dude pulled a .22 on another dude during a basketball game and chased him all the way outside of the court. Shots were fired and then returning shots were fired. About 10 shots total. Half of us booked it to my house. The other half of the crew was stuck in the court. Luckily everyone made it out alive and nobody was hurt. The spot is ironically located smack dab in the middle of a school of some sort—crazy, where wild shit can break out. Anyways, this footage was gathered from the tail end of 2014 to the very beginning of 2016. Such good times. Featuring Casey Foley, Ben Snawder, Drew Etzkorn, Levon Conkin, Akira Matsusaki, Dylan Drew, Mike Lent, Randy Rhodes, Alex Rose, Logan Lewis, Will Harcrow, Chris Maddox, Reuben Horvath, Jethro Coldwell, and Kenta Komatsu. Please enjoy.—Marshall Nicholson (@atripodquest)

Originally spotted on TWS