Ok, not going to lie, I was skeptical on rocking a pair of shoes with cartoon characters on them…but again, I’m old and I still match my hoodie with my laces and would never wear basketball trunks and Timberlands together, but that’s me. Take the man out the hood but you can’t take the hood out the man. The DC Trase are comfortable shoe, they fit my flipper-of-a-foot and the soles pretty flexible, which is always a plus in my book. The shoe is covered with images of Finn and Jake which I have little to no background on so bear with me, I’m trying to binge watch them on YouTube, funny stuff. I wore them to favorite lunch haunt, Seamore’s and within minutes, Cam the Bar/Drink Manager asked me about them and that he even named a drink after the villain on it, The Lichi King – anyhow,I got over the whole cartoon characters on my shoes thing and realized it’s no different than a name or corporate logo on your shoe, and sorta have a better understanding of the girls uptown that use to rock pajama pants or hospital scrubs with cartoon characters with pink Reeboks… sorta… 


Comfort, I’ll give them a 9 – there’s zero break-in as they’re canvas and the sole is pretty flexible. Looks, 8-9, once I got over my whole Cartoon on my shoes thing, just drawing the line at kittens on tshirts, that shits weird… skate ability/skatability (I know, it’s a made up word… deal!) – honestly, not skating them – prolly skate good, but nah, not going to do it – now DC, what’s up with the Voltron and Thundercats collab?!?