It is my sad responsibility to report that January 22nd will be East River Skate Shop’s last day of operation and will be holding a farewell open house from 4-8pm. I invite you to take this time to stop by the shop and pay respects to the family and skate shop that wanted to give back to the skate community we all benefit from.

When I first stepped foot in East River Skate Shop, it was just like any other new shop. It happened to open down the street from my apartment in Greenpoint, so I stopped in to check it out. I had no idea that two hours later I would still be standing in the shop having a beer with my new friend and shop owner Richard Oates. 

He started the shop in order to do something he loved and be closer to his family and shared with me his ideas, energy, and love for skateboarding among other things. Together, the husband and wife duo of Richard Oates & Marisa Kompar officially opened its doors in May 2015. As a committed member of the local community, the shop has been instilled with their passion for skateboarding, creativity & a connection to the community. 

Tragically, Richard was fatally injured in an accident on January 12, 2016.  With overwhelming support from the community, his family & friends re-opened the shop and have continued to run it over the past year. It’s been a great year, but the skate business is a fickle thing. With a recent shift in the families’ location, the Oates family has decided with a heavy heart that it’s time to close it’s doors. While this may be goodbye to the shop, may we never forget Richard, his family, and all that they gave to our community.