Keeping as busy as ever, the Street Urchins have released their tenth edit since starting in 2015. Every clip came off of a phone and put together to show off the funny, the weird, and the skating from the streets of New York. Going everywhere from upstate to Bay Ridge, Tampa to Philly, the Street Urchins captured all of it.

It doesn’t seem to be about where they are skating, but skating everything. It’s the main tenet of skateboarding: not giving a shit about anything but having fun. I think if the skaters of the late 80’s and early 90’s had smartphones, their videos would be pretty similar. The vibe is somewhat akin to the bus stop scene in Ban This when Guy, Paulo, and Rudy don’t just wait for the bus, they skate the bench like it’s a spot too. There’s also the usual shenanigans like drinking, goofing around, etc. It all kicks off with some random urchin announcing “Here comes the weed…”