[continued from Part 1] In 2016 we proudly hit our 7th anniversary, published roughly 550+ posts, 200+ events, 20+ exclusive interviews and added Brett Conti and Rodney Torres to the NYSB Crüe. We’ve focused on publishing more NY Clips, Full Videos, Mailbox Mondays and introduced a new way to view content via NYSB Channels. So simply put, we’re putting in work! Looking back, here’s Part 2:

We Built a Pizza Ramp!

adidas skateboarding invited us to participate in one of the biggest skate events ever to go down at Tompkins – Away Days Tour/Bring Your Build. We decided to build a pizza ramp and blow the rest of our money on pizzas from Rizzo’s. The TF was packed out!


GSD NYC 2016

Skateboarding’s international holiday – Go Skate Day took NYC by storm with the help of Steve Rodriguez once again this June. Nothing better than seeing Delancey flooded with skateboarders! We teamed up with the 21+ Adult GSD crew once again and had a blast.


Black Bear Mini Live Streams

Black Bear Bar in Williamsburg BK no longer exists but we were able to broadcast some KCDC Winter skate nights via live web stream. Check the 2+ hour archives here.


Astor Cube Returns

Construction reached the iconic Astor Cube back in late 2014. The cube was removed, put in storage and the infamous slappy curb was destroyed. More than a year later the cube returned in a new location for the rezoned pedestrian plaza. Our iconic skate spot will never be the same.


Spirit Quest

Colin Read aka Mandible Claw blew our minds when he premiered Spirit Quest back in August. The skate video masterpiece mixed great skateboarding with some of the best editing and creative transitions we’ve ever seen. Best skate video of 2016 no doubt.


Harold Hunter Day X

LES aka Harold Hunter Skatepark got packed out once again for the tenth annual Harold Hunter Day. Legends never die!


Away Days Premiere

Biggest video premiere of 2016 had to be for adidas’s Away Days at the Playstation Theater back in May.


Nike SB Garage

Nike SB took over the location of an old car wash in Williamsburg Brooklyn and created the #NIKESBGARAGE giving heads a place to skate during the cold winter months. How many chances do you get to skate a BMW?


Thank You

Thanks again to everyone for the continued love and support throughout 2016! Big thanks to the NYSB Crüe, all of our contributors, sponsors and supporters. Thank you skateboarding… more to come in 2017!