We got our hands on the new Gilbert Crockett shoes from Vans last week at the wear test event hosted by House of Vans in Brooklyn. The All-New Crockett Pro 2 Upholds Industry’s First Vulcanized Cupsole providing a little bit more impact protection bringing the world of cupsoles and vulcanized soles together. If you’ve skated the wafflecup before then you know what you’re getting. The rest of the shoe is breathable and light. From the few hours we skated in them we noticed the break-in factor was slim as they were comfortable to skate in right away. The duracap underlay on the toe of the shoe will help the shoes last longer than your typical Vans classic shoe.

Gilbert Crockett happened to be on hand for the wear test and while skating the flatbar and slappy curb was fun enough for us, watching him easily kickflip backside nosegrind the top of the picnic table made everyone a little envious of his talent on the board. He was skating a fresh pair of his shoes as well, just to give you a better idea of how easily the shoes break in right out of the box. You can see some more of his skating here. The only negative words we heard from people on the shoes are that compared to the Kyle Walker’s, the back of the shoe is a little less cushioned and can feel loose around your ankle. Other than that the shoes went over well. Retailing at $70 it’s definitely a great buy for the money compared to other shoes at that price range.