Tonight marks the end of an era as Skate Night NYC draws the curtains on good times at Leftfield in Manhattan. The now infamous skate nights have been hosted there for several seasons and provided a warm home for skaters in New York during cold winter months. When skateboarding all but comes to  a standstill here in New York, you can count on Big Jim’s voice to breathe live into the scene when he yells “WELLLLLCOOOMMMEE TO SKATE NIIIIIIIGGGHHTT!!!” every other Wednesday.

Big Jim is never far from a microphone or people having fun I Photo: @nyskateboarding

There will be more skate nights in the future, but the dive bar that welcomed everyone through its dilapidated doors on Ludlow is shutting down for good. Tonight’s your last chance to squeeze through the front bar into the back room where you’ll find Alex Corporan, Josh Zickert, Sam Parks, Big Jim & the Gnarmads leading the fun as volunteers sign up to eat anything from pizza to raw onions & ghost peppers in the hopes of winning some free gear. They’ve stepped it up for the finale at Leftfield, join the Adidas skateboarding team tonight and enjoy artwork by Jason Augustine & tattoos by Myles. Say hello to Matt and Stefania behind the bar, they’ll take good care of you. As one of the sponsors behind this event for years now, NYSkateboarding would like to thank Leftfield for hosting the fun every other Wednesday for a long time now, we’ll miss it. As always, a big thank you to NY skaters, and all the sponsors of the night: El Senōr, Natural Koncept, Arizona, Alumni, Rock Star Bearings, and many more over the past several seasons.