Low Profile, High performance I Photo: @digimil

Vans sent over a pair of the Gilbert Crockett 2’s and we were pretty happy about it. I got to skate them when they were released and I was impressed with how they skate right out of the box. I had been skating the Kyle Walker’s for a bit and noticed some key differences. For starters, the Walkers felt more grippy than I would like on my board, grabbing my flip tricks a little too much. The Crockett’s didn’t have that problem, they immediately felt broken in and had a good boardfeel.

The next thing I noticed was that the heel didn’t stay flush to the back of my foot. That could just be a sizing problem on my end, but the heel definitely is more narrow on the Crockett’s than the Walker’s. I personally preferred the Walker’s when it came to that aspect.

That wafflecup, doe I Photo: @digimil

When it came down to comfort, I really like the Crockett’s and since summer is drawing close, the fact that they breathe really well will help keep your stanky feet in check.

The come in a few colorways and retail for about $70 online and at skateshops. If you’re a fan of Vans already then these will most likely be added to your list of favorites. Even if you don’t, at least we can all agree that Gilbert Crockett rips.