Brandon Johnson determined to get the highest wallride I Photo: @digimil

We teamed up with UXA and celebrated our 8th anniversary of NY Skateboarding with a BBQ/skate jam transforming the front of UXA’s Brooklyn shop into a mini block party. Food was provided by our friends at Crif Dogs & Bunker and PBR filled our icy cooler up with beers! UXA’s Peter Huynh built a special wallride ramp just for the BBQ and pulled out some additional stuff to skate. We hosted some best trick contests giving away some NYSB, UXA and Vans gear. We finished up the afternoon with a highest wallride contest blessing the winners with some new Vans!

Tasty food via Crif Dogs and Bunker I Photo: @thewastedtalent

Thanks to everyone for coming out and celebrating with us the best way possible – through skateboarding! Huge thanks to UXA, Bunker, Crif Dogs, Pabst and Vans for supporting the event!