Carlo Carezzano putting on a show for the crowd I Photo:

Sometimes the most unlikely of ideas come together for the best execution. That was the case with the 1st Annual Dardy Bar Game of S.K.A.T.E. that happened on May 13th. After being postponed twice because of poor weather, the event finally got underway on a perfect Sunday afternoon at what is commonly referred to as the “monument spot.”

The crowd really got into it I Photo:

I don’t care who you are, the best times on a skateboard are being surrounded by friends, enjoying the day, and pulling off tricks you weren’t expecting. We had the sun, we had the friends, and guys like Joseph Gill, Jiro, Matt Budjinski, and Carlo Carezzano showed up with tricks no one saw coming. Shuvit late flips, Pressure flips, and body varials had the crowd dropping the “oohs and ahs” as some heavy games of S.K.A.T.E. unfolded.

Enrique stylin’ out I Photo:

In addition to being the first of Dardy Bar’s skate events, this was also the first Boards For Bros NY event. It was a huge success bringing in over 20 decks, 3 pairs of shoes, wheels, bearings, and $100 in donation money. The collected supplies will go right back into the community, bringing the gift of skateboarding to some of NYC’s less fortunate.

Good cause: check. Good people: Yup. The only other ingredient in a great event are the sponsors. We were fortunate enough to partner with so many amazing companies that came out to support. Big thanks to Sizzle Pie and Arizona for supplying the food and beverages at the event. Can’t forget the other sponsors who crushed it: Diamond Supply Co., Shut Skates, Dunno Skateboards, Cons, Coma Brand, El Señor, OJ Wheels, Uprise Skateshop, KCDC Skateshop, and Natural Koncepts. The after party was lit too thanks to Coney Island and Old Blue Last supplying the adult sodas. Already looking forward to next year!