Matt trading out a NYC taxi for a classic in Cuba I Photo by Cheney Orr

ATTN: Any local brands that want to donate product for distribution in Havana during Go Skateboarding Day please contact us or bring product Friday 6/16 to Leftfield Bar, 87 Ludlow Street. Free drink (21+) with donation, 7pm to 1am.  
Amigo Skate Cuba is a nonprofit that’s been helping grow the Cuban skate scene for 7 years. Unfortunately for the action sports and skateboard community, there are still no shops or stores to get gear or product there- often leaving kids with a broken board for weeks or sometimes months! Cuba’s skateboard community relies heavily on private donations, smugglers and nonprofits for the ability to obtain much needed gear. During our previous trips together we have collected and redistributed thousands of supplies (boards, wheels, trucks, grip, shoes, parts, clothing) hosted events, contests, facilitated cleanups and skatepark rebuilds. It’s always a humbling experience and we’re grateful to be a part of something that’s growing exponentially over the years.

Go Skateboarding Day weeklong celebrations include:
-Building a miniramp with Urban Skate Projects.
-Skate and create art projects for the youth along with distributing donated skateboards with Boards for Bros and SPOT.
-Skatepark contest, cleanup and rebuild day.
-Group photo show at Fabrica de Arte Cubano
-Premiere of ‘Oddity’ along with the Foundation Skateboards team!
-Painting a mural with local artists at one of the orphanages
-Tattoo expo and clinic on sterilization and sanitation.
Thanks to adidas Skateboarding for making it possible for Gnarmads (Bogdan & Matt Kruz) to revisit Cuba. We’re excited to see all the homies again, and curious about any cultural changes since the recent embargo easing. Hyped that the Foundation Skateboards team is coming down too (one of our absolute faves growing up) along with Brian Schaefer and Chris Miller from Boards for Bros. OG Scott McDonald and the crew of crazy Canadians never miss an opportunity to return, and we’re also looking forward to learning and building with DIY legend Clayton Graul of Urban Skate Projects! There are many other skaters, photographers and filmers also coming to make our presence stronger than ever- Go Skateboarding Week in Havana is going to be HUGE! Additional thanks to Oakley, SHUT, Rockstar Bearings, Natural Koncept and Arizona for contributing product. Check out our video from the last trip below and stay tuned for updates!