| Photo: Michael Cohen

Intro by Michael Cohen & Rob Rodrigues

Summer solstice, know to skaters as “Go Skateboarding Day” was the perfect opportunity for Life Valet to roll out the first “Adult Learn to Skateboard Day”. A program that welcomes adults to the world of skateboarding with free lessons and a positive social vibe. Adults are often overlooked as a demographic in the skate industry, Life Valet is bridging the gap with an initiative to expand this program to cities around the world and regular sessions.

Organized by LifeValet coach, Michael Cohen of SHUT Skateboards, with the help of NY Skateboarding, and SURE Skateboarding School along with over twenty generous sponsors. Wednesday’s event was attended by Becky, an 18 year old skater/student from Queens and a group of people that spanned in ages all the way up to Reggie, a 71 year old Greenpoint resident stoked on skating.

Cohen chimes in “You’re never to late or old to learn something new and skateboarding is just the right tool and motivator to make that happen”.