Barefoot pool sessions in Maine I Photo: @glennprobst1

It’s become a yearly tradition that a handful of guys from upstate and Long Island make a trip up the coast to the tranquil skate mecca of the Northeast United States known as the Weirdwoods. This year, Dunno Skateboards’ party team headed up there, stopping in Boston on Friday before linking up with the Bodega Skateboards crew that night for some pool skating/camping.

Chris Miller’s board kept shooting for the Boston Tea Party treatment I Photo: @glennprobst1

Lynch family skatepark was our first stop to stretch our legs a bit. For most of the guys it was their first time at this park. If you haven’t been, it makes for a great weekend skate trip from NY being only a few hours away. Having never skated Eggs, I decided to walk over and skate the famous Boston spot I’d heard so much about. It’s a fun spot with the most buttery ledges I’ve ever skated. Of course, I had flashbacks to skating Tampa’s convention center back in the day as I chased my board several times saving it from going in the water.

Bodega’s Dan Weiss warming up the pool coping for the day I Photo: @digimil

We got back to the skatepark to find some of the dudes doing random whip-its in the parking lot as a bunch of duck-boat tours drove by. That was a good a signal as any it was time to get back on the road to Weirdwood skateboards and set up camp. 

Whippits with friends I Photo: @glennprobst1

Coping killer I Photo: @digimil

Once we made it and set up camp we started skating the concrete pool and snake run as the sun went down. It was a helluva way to cap the day. Once the beer started flowing, people started getting weird. Paul Santiago let out his beast mode and apparently preparing to launch a midnight show for everyone.

Having John The Man Reeves on a trip is in one word: surreal. The H-Street legend still has more energy than you and makes the session fun and full of laughter. At about 2:45am our first night the woods came alive with fireworks and JTMR doing a combo of howling and laughing at the same time.

The next day we carefully stumbled from our tents to see if the Tequila Monster turned back into regular old Paul in the morning. What we thought was a bear in actually turned out to be John Reeves slumbering away in the treehouse.




After a nice dip in the creek on the property, we ventured out to a skatepark an hour away that had ridiculous set up including basically, a wall ride to euro gap configuration. The pool and snake run were fun. I got a little taste for pool coping on this trip myself and pulled off a few slashers in the deep end. It’s got me looking forward to the winter bowl once my soreness from summer goes away.

Honestly this is way more fun than jumping down stuff these days. I Photo: @glennprobst1

The average age of the dudes on this trip was definitely in the thirties save for a few younger guys from the Bodega crew who made us all yearn for our own golden days when stretching and pain-killers were something you hear the old dudes babble on about. Now that we are those old dudes (ssshhhh, we still don’t believe it) a yearly skate road trip is something we all look forward to and recommend to anyone who will listen. Getting away from jobs, obligation, and real life for a little while is something everyone needs. Thanks to everyone who made this trip great and Rob at Weirdwood for hosting our ragtag crew for another year!

Bodega x Dunno x Weirdwood Skateboards homies I Photo: @glennprobst1