Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner I Photo: @peanut186

The cooler winds of autumn bring with them Jim Moore, Alex Corporan, JZ Radical. Sam Parks and the first of the winter classics: Welcome to Skate Night! This year, the event is hosted by Sensei Gallery Bar located at 135 Eldridge Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan on Tuesday nights. When skating outside starts to wane, the boys of @skatenightnyc keep the party going and give everyone a place to hang out and have some fun inside the warm and cozy confines of the two story establishment.

Sam Parks holding it down with all your bartending needs I Photo: @peanut186

One of the most infamous of the games that go down is the eating contest. Once everyone is settled in and caught up, the contestants get selected and face off over who can down a beer, shot, and their entire plate in the fastest time. This time the crew had to make it through a full plate of chicken nuggets. Congrats to Anthony Vaughan-Carpenter of Dunno Skateboards who took 1st place this week. It’s always a mystery what the food is so make sure you check out the next event and get yourself a plate.

Not everyone finishes I Photo: @peanut186

JZ Radical from adidas Skateboarding, Arizona & Natural Koncept makes sure to have some skate videos playing along with side games like basketball, or dice for more prizes. Everyone goes home happy from Skate Night so if you haven’t made it out yet swing by this Tuesday and every other Tuesday and see why it’s one of the longest running winter skate events around.