Alex Corporan the resident King of Hearts I Photo: @digimil

The 2018 Valentine’s Day edition of Skate Night NYC went down last night at Max Fish on Orchard St in LES. It was a special night with a very well-mannered Big Jim Moore who appeared to be on the campaign trail shaking hands and greeting everyone like he was running for office. Mayor Jim Moore took it back to his roots, announcing the night without the aid of a microphone.

Welcome to Skate Night!

JZ wants you to step up to the table I Photo: @digimil

He was right at home in the familiar setting, kicking off the night by introducing JZ Radical running the show at the dice table rewarding players with gear from adidas skateboarding, Arizona Iced Tea, Natural Koncept Skateboards, Sure Shot skateboards, Primitive Skateboards, Hiraeth Skateboards, Trophy Griptape, Gift Skateboarding, El Señor, Transworld Skateboarding, and Rockstar Bearings. With more sponsors than some skate contests, the night is always a crowd pleaser.

Thanks to adidas you have the chance to come in with beat up kicks and leave with a fresh pair. I Photo @digimil

The featured game always is the eating contest, and the crew turned it up a notch for last night’s festivities. Contestants downed a shot, then three Micky’D’s double cheeseburgers followed by a fireball candy and slamming a sticker on their foreheads to claim their intestinal dominance over all others.

Wreked it! I Photo: @digimil

Winners were handsomely rewarded for their efforts. If you didn’t win during the earlier games it’s never an issue. Follow up games of Flip-cup and dice continued on until everything on the prize tables find a new home.

Winner’s circle I Photo: @digimil

Stay tuned to our events calendar for your next chance to step up to the table and go home happy.