Stacking money | Photo by Bryan Weis


What’s the deal with this new video? Who’s in it and when is your Dad going to find me an E30?
This new video is another video from my friend Mike Sassano.  It’s pretty much just a homie video associated with all of us at 2ntr. We traveled a bunch for this one and have been working on it for like 2 1/2 yrs now. I have a full part in it as well as Chris Pierre, Marcus eagle, Paul Hintz, Brandon Gironda, Mike Bart, Tino delzotto and Ian Preut. We had 2 premiers for it so far, one in Peekskill NY at the paramount theatre and one at House of vans in Brooklyn. Both great turnouts. You can buy the DVD’s at and it will be online soon too.

-e30’s are impossible to find haha and if you do find one they’re crazy expensive for a clean one. Defiantly a car I wanna own though in the future. Ishod got the ill one.

Why is every little kid from 2nd Nature good at Skateboarding?
Good question, I have no idea. the level that skateboarding has gotten to now is so ridiculous. Everyone knows that.  All these kids are on some pro shit.


That’s a nice backside… er, uh…frontside wallride you got there Andrew | Photo by Bryan Weis

Do you know Donny Barley is an East Coast legend? Also, where is Brian Brown at? Need a ginger model for Mate’?
Yes, I’m aware Donny Barley is a east coast legend lol. I’m super grateful he’s been hooking me up with element stuff recently. It’s such a honor to be backed by someone like him.  I don’t know where Brian Brown is at. Probably hiding in Brooklyn somewhere secretly killing it.

Name some of your favorite NY skaters past present and future.
Some of my favorite skaters out of NY are probably Brian Brown, Tyshawn Jones, Antonio Durao is beast. Hogey’s the future.

What’s up with Hogey?
Me and Hogey actually grew up together. Most people don’t know that. We been friends since 1st grade. We started skating when we were like 14 we both kinda got into it together. Then when we were like 19-20 he moved down to South Carolina and stopped skating for a little. Then a couple years later he moved back and I started putting him in my instagram edits and everybody loved them.  So we kept going with them and he started getting millions of views on his vids and turned into a Instagram star haha (@gruddyhogey). Everybody loves Hogey. I’ve always been inspired by his skating because he slams so fucking hard and gets right back up and does the shit. He gets me so hyped.

What’s the deal with Tony and TSwiffa?  How long you known those guys?
I’ve known Tony (@tonyechandy) basically since diapers. He’s been my best friend since.  I’ve been watching him grow as a artist since we were like 6 or 7 yrs old. He’s one of my favorite’s to this day and I’m not just saying that cause he’s my best friend haha. He puts so much passion and work into his music. This new music he’s been working on is incredible. He’s so slept on. he’s not like your typical new age SoundCloud artist.  And I’ve known swiffa (@tswiffa) since like high school, he plays a huge creative roll in Tony’s music and helps manage him. He’s a amazing photographer too. That’s my uncle.

You’re skating in Dunks a lot…why?
Dunks have always been my favorite skate shoe. Their super comfortable and just built so good. Their the freshest shoes to me.  I’ve been running the high’s a lot more lately because my ankles suck so their really protective on my ankles. They’re pretty much the only shoes I feel comfortable skating in.

At 2NTR, what is your role there?
My role at 2ntr…I pretty much do a bunch of everything.  I take care of all inventory, do all orders, website stuff (, run the social media accounts, make new gear/boards. Pretty much everything a typical shop owner does lol.  I would like to start going harder with gear this year.  Doug gives me a lot of control there and I’m super grateful for everything he does for me.

Favorite place to skate and why does Tino love Bitcoin?
My favorite place to skate is probably Barcelona. I recently just got back from a trip out there.  We filmed a little shop edit that’s on transworld with me and Tino. So  many spots and it’s such a beautiful city.

Hahahaha Tino got into bitcoin because one of the dads who comes into the shop would tell us stories about how he knew people that would cash out on them so Tino got inspired and started buying em.

Favorite rapper past, present, and future….
I’ve been listening to a lot of lil uzi lately he’s probably my favorite newer rapper I guess you can say. But my all time favorite rapper is Lil Wayne. Everyone who knows me knows that haha. He Always will be. He has such a heavy influence on my skating and not only my style but a  lot of these newer rappers too.

What’s next for the rest of 2018?
The plan for the rest of 2018 is to just keep traveling and filming, putting out as much content as possible. My PFP5 part will be online this week so I’m looking forward to putting that out. Oh yeah and buy a new beemer too.