The crew was out for the special occasion. I Photo: @los4vws

Spring has sprung and  Skatenight night continues to bring best out of the skateboarding community.

Melt is so good it looks tasty even with all these mugs surrounding the food. I Photo: @los4vws

We celebrated the 5 yr anniversary of El Senor with a special eating contest by Meltshop winning you a 10k skateboard pendant.

Thanks again to all of our sponsors. I Photo: @los4vws

Jansport also kicked in some product to keep the night rolling while Dj Chappy & Levi kept the grooves flowing.

Joseph Gil going home a winner. I Photo: @los4vws

Always a big thank you to all the sponsors that keeps SkateNight generating awesome times.

Cheers gents! I Photo: @los4vws

After winning this new board, the future just looked too bright. I Photo: @los4vws

That’s So Raven(ous) I Photo: @los4vws