One of the most creative minds out there has just delivered what has to be my favorite “trick tip” video of all time. The Gonz bestows the gift of enlightenment in the form of a 540 bert slide. Everything about this clip is pure joy. Backed by an uplifting chorus, Mark narrates you through his demonstration of a trick that is all about having fun.

Mark’s no nonsense tips like “Take a very decent push so you’re going fast” and “go up the bank” are clear and to the point. It’s true that throwing a bert slide down on a bank is exhilarating like the Gonz says. Adding the extra spin gives it another level of finesse.

As I watched this, I kept debating about whether to consider this sincere or satire. Either way, it makes me want to go try this and I was chuckling to myself enjoying it the whole time. I’ve taught the basic version of this surf inspired trick to beginners. Because of its relatively ease berts are a fun thing to do when you’ve mastered pushing and turning but can’t seem to get your ollies off the ground. If you’re like me you’ll find yourself giving this a go and rewatching the video a few times just to simply appreciate the personality that Mark Gonzales brings to skateboarding. Oh…and the lip syncing at the end is the equivalent of a Marvel end credits scene.