Clocking in at six minutes and six seconds long, “Apt 5B” has everything that is beloved from past 5Boro offerings.

Balancing film noir vibes and color footage with a mix of fresh and classic New York spots: check.

Perfect blend of small brand familia and major talent tricks: check.

Soundtrack that is low key chill and somehow slightly inspirational? Yup!

The only issue for me is that I want more. This video has everything I want but with less than 10 minutes to take in, I’m left wanting to see full parts from everyone. Essentially, I want to settle into this video like you can with “Join or Die.” Call me old fashioned but I miss when skate videos averaged around 20 minutes long. But before you think I’m sipping on the haterade, hear me out.

In the early 2000’s, videos still were published on DVD’s and if they were around the 20 minute mark they would get sold in shops. Anything less that that would most likely be distributed for free with the purchase of a magazine or a deck. The point of a promo video is of course to build hype for the brand and it’s riders. It would help sales and create a buzz of anticipation for a potential full length video to come. In the internet age just about all videos are published for free online. The pressure to put out traditional full length videos has waned, and there is no physical item to be coveted like that orange “Photosynthesis” VHS.

In that respect, the new 5Boro video is a harbinger of the times. We’ve reached a generational shift in skateboarding. The heroes of the late 90’s and early 2000’s have become the old guard with a new wave of talent eagerly stepping into their prime. Perhaps it’s beautifully poetic then that Jordan Trahan is seen opening a window in the first scene. He has announced his departure from 5boro making this his last video part with his longtime sponsor. In Jenkem’s write up, they acknowledge 5Boro’s newest pro’s — Jeremy Murray, Shinya Nohara, and Neil Herrick who all follow through with solid clips. These fresh faces promise a lot more to come. Jimmy McDonald and Danny Falla serve as the veterans on the team. Familiar faces who still kill it daily, what would a 5boro video be without them?

As the last scene fades out, a sole silhouette stands in a hallway opening the front door. Just like that, the video ends and after rewatching it a few times I can’t help but feel an anxiousness to see where things go from here. In a short span, “Apt 5B” manages to capture that quality of any good skate video: It made me want to go skate. In fact, it made me want to be apart of the 5Boro squad… to go skating with them. “Fulfill the Dream” had the same affect on me. Good vibes are contagious and when you see it you want to be a part of it. There may not be a physical copy for me to watch over and over again, but as long as I have internet access the video remains a few clicks away. It feels like a hello and a goodbye. 5boro’s “Apt 5B” gracefully transitions from what has come before to what lies ahead, and I for one am hyped to see what comes next.