Having started skating in 1998, the Accel’s have been a part of skating for me since the beginning. The iconic shoe from eś has made a comeback in recent years but the puffy pillow look isn’t for everyone. Totally get it, for the vulcanized generation the OG accels make about as much sense to skate in as the D3’s and is more of a novelty. For me, they are comfy and I still love skating them, but even I like to skate a leaner profile these days.

Enter the Accel Slim and Accel Plus Everstitch. The trimmed down silhouette takes a classic and revamps it for the current era. The Accel Slim is basically the Accel without all the extra padding. I have a slightly wider foot than some though, so these weren’t as comfortable for me to skate in. However, I was skating the Everstitch this summer and fell in love with the shoe. No break in period, and better yet it doesn’t rip. Growing up I didn’t have much money. I’ll forever be a sales rack kid at heart. You give me a skate shoe that lasts from June til February without blowing out?! That’s the dream.

The secret is a Thermothane toe piece. Thermothane is a unique aqueous thermoplastic-urethane sealer specifically formulated for the protection of interior non-resilient surfaces such as concrete, so it’ll hold up against your worst days at Tompkins. Not to mention they are on sale right now for $54.99 I highly encourage you pick these bad boys up. I rock the Accel Slim as a chill shoe, and at $34.99 currently, also a good shoe worth giving a try.