I go through youtube a few times a week looking for clips and edits that feature New York skating. After wading through the usual mess of Vlog’s and a surprising resurgence of rollerblade videos I struck gold. Froggery Jones is a username that has been uploading gem after gem of old school clips like the one above of Rick Howard and Mike Carroll at the small Banks going over the wall. I have no idea who is behind this account but by default, I’m a sucker for skateboarding’s so-called golden era and miss skating at a spot with so much history as the Brooklyn Banks. Growing up, Danny Supa was more than a man, he was Supa-man! The way Danny skates drops jaws as he literally flies with grace before putting four wheels back down on pavement. He was part of the heavy crew that ripped NYC like no other and seeing this footage come back to life brings back those days.

Diving into Jones’ uploads he’s got everybody: Jamie Thomas, Huf, Rodney Torres, Mike V, Quim Cardona, Brian Wenning, Jeff Pang, Peter Bici, Koston, Gino, Welsh…the list goes on and on. Since we can’t skate the banks, and these days can’t even skate our local parks, taking a stroll down memory lane and reliving some of the best moments at the Banks is a pretty good way to spend your day. Go get lost in his uploads for a bit. I’ll leave you with this back heel from Keenan Milton.