Steve Marino digging up some clips for this 2007-2008 edit.

So this year was really productive. I was skating with Brian Brown and Jose Pereyra because of probably a Listen Skateboards video I think. Than that lead to meeting a lot of the Stereo Skateboards riders and I was filming with them for a few weeks when they were visiting NYC.

I also went on a SLAP Mag trip from NYC to Albany. We skated all over, skated the infamous Albany pool and had to drain it as well. Curtis Rapp showed us around up there and let us crash at his folks’ house. It was 4th of July weekend and we were invited to come to Curtis’ family’s property in the Adirondacks where his folks put on a wild firework show. We camped out on a river, bbq’ed, had one hell of a firework show and drank pinas on their tiki barge!

This is also the year I was filming with the Zoo York team as well. They were releasing the video STATE OF MIND that year. So we went out filming a lot. I managed to escape the NY cold for a little bit and go on a homie trip to AZ. Got some clips and a broken toe on that mission! —Marino