After coming up on a VX Thomas Albin spent a few years putting together his first full-length skate vid.

“I wanted to film a video that was not only inclusive to all levels of skating, but also break free from the standards of the video part. None of us are pro, sponsored, or skate for anything other than for fun, and I wanted to stress to people that as long as they felt like the trick was a challenge for them, or something that they wanted in the video, I was down to film it.”

Here’s PUBLIC SKATEBOARDING featuring: Emilio Vignali, Crossy, Landon Gibson, Shai Ben-Dor, Roti Singh, Goldie, Gavin Landry, Huy Nguyen, Kyle Iles, Sean Stockton, Liv Collins, Sky Johnson, Jules Lorenzo, Akira Billie, Milana Todua, Allie Rappuhn, Andrew Albin, Jailene Garcia, Langleigh Grissom, Ezra Franklin, Kevin Maclachlan and Jimel Mincey.