After covering the New York skateboarding community for 12+ years we’ve decided to archive our website ( So much has changed since we first launched in 2009. When we started there were only a handful of New York skate sites, and New York content on the major skate media sites was somewhat minimal. Fast forward to present time—4,000 posts later—and you can find endless New York skate content on any social media platform. It’s awesome to see an unprecedented number of skateboarders across the globe connect as one huge community!

We’re not completely shutting down, we’ll keep the website up as an archive and keep our IG account (@nyskateboarding) active with help from Ray Mate and Los Estrada. We also have some unreleased content that will get posted at some point.

Since I launched the original site in 2009 I’ve had the opportunity to meet, work and skate with some truly amazing people from the local and global skate communities. A majority of our content was created by volunteer contributors giving up their own personal time for the love of skateboarding. I want to thank our NYSB Crew throughout the years… A HUGE THANK YOU to Shawn Haarstick, Chris Miller, EJ Spindler, Michael Hurley, Michael Distelkamp, Peter Pabon, Alex Corporan, Gizmo, Michael Cohen, Ray Mate and my wife Wendy!

We had some really great sponsors along the way that helped keep the lights on and gave us some money or product to support local events (special thanks to Chopper Dave and Frank from Vans). Community leaders like Steve Rodriguez, Amy Gunther, Rodney Torres, Michael Cohen, Billy Rohan, Derek Rinaldi, Jeff Pang, Pat Smith and Alex Corporan (to name a few) supported us since we launched and did whatever they could to help us grow.

For over a decade we had some really great times, created some niche content and I’m extremely thankful and proud that we were able to support so many growing brands, local shops and talent here in New York. Some are still going strong, some didn’t make it, but the memories and experiences will last forever. Please continue to support your local shops and brands, they’re critical to keeping your local community alive.

On a final note, I would like to thank YOU, our readers, for supporting our site throughout the years. It was a true pleasure sharing New York skateboarding with the world!

Keep skating and please keep supporting your local!

– Rick S. (NYSB)