Photo: Bill Tomlin

Nate Rojas claimed The Best Line In New York Clip Contest with a line shot by Harry Corrigan down at the Brooklyn Banks. Nate’s line features a bs 5050 down the small banks 9 stair, chain ollie into street, kickflips out of street, 360 flips down the big banks 4 stair and then seals the deal with a perfect crookiemonster down the big banks 13 stair. Nate walks away with $1,000, a year’s supply of Red Bull, one year’s supply of éS sneakers, $500 worth of Volcom gear and $500 worth of 5Boro gear… not bad for 42 seconds of skating!

Steve Rodriguez (5Boro) presented the Best Line clips at the This Time Tomorrow NYC premiere (4/17/2010). The top five (Charles Lamb, Bill Pierce, Nate Rojas, Ryan Santiago & Scott Sutherland) all got VIP access to the event, including tickets to this year’s Maloof Money Cup plus some NY Skateboarding goodies.

Congratulations Nate and thanks to all the rippers who entered. We also want to thank the sponsors  (5BoroVolcomRed BulléS & MetroPlus) for making this contest happen and THANK YOU for tuning in!

Side Note: If you want to see more Nate Rojas footage make it down to Harry Corrigan’s “Film Me” showing on 5/8/2010 at the Homage indoor spot.