It’s been about two months since our last Autumn Bowl update and we’ve been skating it as much as possible ever since. Unfortunately the time has come: This weekend will be the last chance keyholders have to skate it – straight from Dave Mimms (owner of Autumn skateshop) himself. Over twenty keyholders recently dropped out (not surprising with all the new bowls/parks in New York these days) halting any future plans to start renting another location.

As for the bowl itself…  it will be transported to Chicago (thankfully not destroyed) and reconstructed inside a skatepark where the last-remaining keyholders can visit and skate it for free! Keyholders should expect an email from Dave sometime soon explaining everything in further detail. Update: unfortunately this didn’t work out.

I will never forget walking down that alley (on our way to the first keyholder meeting) and eventually entering one of the coolest indoor skate spots in New York ever! We spent many days and nights there (hot & cold), met so many awesome people and watched some of the raddest skating go down. Gnarliest bathroom, crazy parties, countless stereos, smoke, beers, bricks, dust and 100% skateboarding. A huge THANK YOU to Dave, Vander, Pat, Seth, Rob and all the keholders who helped build and keep the Autumn Bowl alive/maintained for the past seven years!