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We needed a little break from winter here in New York and thanks to 5Boro, Maloof Money Cup, Volcom and Vans we got one. The Break From Winter Jam went down at the House of Vans (Brooklyn, NY) giving everyone a chance to throw down tricks for cash. $2,000 was divided up for different categories of best trick (results below). 400+ people showed up and Vans was an amazing host once again, stocking the house with snacks, drinks, music (via Sean Kellings) and burgers & dogs (via Steve Van Doren).

Best Trick Results:

Best Trick: Outside (doubleset/rail/ledge/hubba)

1st- Kevin Tierney, $300 (backside lidslide up and then down the hubba)
2nd- Rob Gonyon, $100 (switch f/s 360 down the double set)
3rd- Black Dave, $100 (kick flip b/d lip on the rail)


Best Trick: Bank to Wall

1st- Jimmy McDonald, $300 (backside wallride kickflip out)
2nd- Billy Rohan, $100 (kick flip frontside wallride)
3rd- Will Akers, $100 (frontside wallride around the corner revert)


Best Trick: On Up Ledge (bank one side quarter on other)

1st- Nick Sassa, $300 (b/s lip revert)
2nd- Joe Tookmanian, $100 (switch feeble up and into quarter)
3rd- Chad Carusso, $100 (f/s feeble 180 out)

Best Trick: Deep End Of The Bowl

1st- Leo Heinert, $300 (Miller Flip)*
2nd- Willy Akers, $100 (backside tailside)
3rd- Quim Cardona, $100 (Crailslide revert)

Craziest Trick of the Day

“Turtle boy” from Brooklyn, nose blunt off the 12 foot high railing into bank, $200 (Vans/5boro kicked in for this)


We had a great time, thanks to Steve Rodriguez, the 5Boro crew, Vans Crew, the judges and everyone who came out to skate and supported New York skateboarding! If you couldn’t make it down check out the photos.

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* correction – Leo Heinert did a Unit (via John Fudala)