Future Primitive was a Bones Brigade video put out by Powell Peralta in 1985 and includes one of the first NYC sections in a skate video ever. We grew up on that video (it was the first time we’ve ever seen Brooklyn Banks footage). Well now it’s nearly 30 years later and we got to witness some of the Bones Brigade crew in person skate Pier 62 skate park in the first ever BOWL-A-RAMA NYC contest. Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain and Christian Hosoi were just some of the legends in town… it was incredible!

In addition to the Masters, some new blood was also in attendance skating in the Pros competition. All would agree that Pedro Barros now holds the record for highest airs at Pier 62 and definitely “Best Chelsea Bowl Run Ever” (guaranteed to be in every recap clip). After hours of some incredible skating, the judges tallied up the scores and the top 3 of both Masters & Pros were awarded with pigeon trophies. A special “Spirit of Kessler Award”, in memory of NYC skateboarding legend Andy Kessler was given to George Orton, the pioneer of aerials. George was selected by Andy Kessler’s close friend and New York skateboarding legend Jaimie “Puppethead” Affoumado to receive the award.

Outside the park Vans, Grind for Life and active had tents up and spectators watched from stands put in exclusively for the event. This was a first but we’re sure to see this setup again for other major events at Pier 62. Seating was limited but that didn’t stop people from watching through the bushes & gates surrounding the park, which was so rad to see! In the end the results were announced; Lance Mountain winning the Masters and Pedro Barros winning the Pros. Together with our contributors we shot thousands of photos so we’re going to do a 2 part feature. Definitely one of the most memorable New York skateboarding events ever. We can’t wait to see BOWL-A-RAMA NYC return next year!

Big thanks to Vans, Frontside Events and all the sponsors for putting together such a great event.

MASTERS Results: 
1st – Lance Mountain
2nd – Steve Caballero
3rd – Eddie Elguera

PROS Results: 
1. Pedro Barros
2. Alex Sorgente
2. Ben Hatchell

(more photos & sequences coming in Part 2)

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