We’re proud to officially welcome Peter Pabón to the NYSB family! Since mid-2012 Peter has been our biggest photo contributor consistently shooting everything from parties to skate contests. We sat down with the man behind the camera and asked him some questions, check his answers below in our first ever Q&A feature.


Firsts & Lasts:

Home/Apt? First: Harlem Now: Marine Park

Skateboard setup? First: G&S Billy Taco Venture Truckers Last: 8.25″ Music “Vibe” Board, Indy hollows 149s, Music 55mm wheels

Camera & Lenses? First: Kodak Instamatic Last: Nikon D7000 and an Olympus OMD

Band? Mogwai, Wu-Tang, The Roots, too many to list honestly…

Skate Website? First: 5050 skateboarding Last: NYskateboarding

Skate Crew? First: Chris Vidal, Ben & Billy Leung, Jamal Simmons, Ryan Hickey, Jeff Pang, Alex Corporan, Freddie Valerio, Giz, Alyasha all the OGs Last: Alex Corporan, Giz, Ronnie, Rick (you) Gnarmads, Slappy Sunday crew…

Skate Mag? First: TWS Last:The Skateboard Mag

Trick? First: Ollies Last: flips, 360 flips

Skate Spot? First: Old Brooklyn Banks Last: Astor Curb last weekend (Slappy Sunday)



Favorite skate spot in New York? Lenox Ledges (now) old Brooklyn Banks (back in the day)

Favorite skate shop in New York? Dave’s Wearhouse (now) toss up between O.D.’s/SkateNYC and Benji’s (back in the day)

Favorite NY based skate brand? Music (owner is one of my oldest friends)

Favorite NY skate photo? Andy Kessler pushing by Ivory Serra

Favorite NY skate photographer? Allen Ying (now) Sammy Glucksman aka Sammy Da Joo

Favorite crew or person to skate with in New York? Alyasha when he’s in town, Alex Corporan and the Slappy Sunday crew, Ronnie, Simon, Ivory Serra, Gnarmads, NYSB crew, my boy Ed Schultz, Sean Scanlon, J.C., Yancy, Jamal Simmons when he’s down to skate….

Favorite New York based movie? Any old NYC Woody Allen movie

Favorite New York based skate vid or section? Mixtape/NY Revisited/Lurkers

Favorite place to eat in New York? New Malaysian in Chinatown, MeKong…

Favorite bar in New York? Max Fish/Mekong



What did you think the first time you skated NY? freedom… period!

What makes New York different than other places to skate? It’s just home, born here, sometimes I hate it, sometimes I love it, but when it comes down to it, you can eat at 4am, surf in RBNY, bike borough to borough, party and hang all night, meet the most interesting people and the worst people all in one weekend… nothing beats it!

The Good of NY? see previous question, and my kids, family, girl, friends!

The Bad of NY? Winters



Shout outs? My girl, kids, family, Alex Corporan, Giz, Alyasha, Bosco, Chris Vidal, Ray Maté, Rodney Smith, Steve Rodriguez, Mark Nardelli, Anthony Ianiro, Mike Lapilusa, Supra Footwear, Damon and Beth at Redbull, NYskateboarding Crew, Max Fish, Pat Conlon, Epstein’s Bar, Rodney Torres, Livingroom Johnson, John Grigley, Armand, Ivory and Shelter Serra, the Gnarmads, Todd Nisbet, Jersey Mike, Chris Cottle, Ed Schultz, etc… sorry if I missed any one…

Final thoughts? Glad to be down!