A month ago today Street League went down in Newark, NJ. On the day before the contest we had access to get a sneak peek at what goes into setting it all up. Here are some behind the scenes photos of Street League during the Saturday warmups.

Ishod Wair testing out the course with some nosegrinds and kicking it with the Monster girls.


Sheckler running the music for the sesh, changing it up after a Taylor Swift track started playing.

The production side of Street League was pretty impressive. All of the equipment was being tested including cameras, mics, and ramps of course.


Thanks for the plug Chaz


Jeron Wilson


Felix Arguelles


Geoff Rowley


Mickey Reyes


staff meeting



It was crazy to see the NJ Devils logo on the seats and become totally aware of the fact that skateboarding now has enough people liking it to fill the same venue as a major sports team. Seeing all this makes it easy to understand why people still feel weird about skateboarding in the mainstream, but for the dudes that get a chance to make a real living from skating, good for them. No matter what people try to throw at skating and what corporate changes happen, at its core it will always be a few people having fun and skateboarding together.