Recap by Bert Correa (Indigenous Skateboards)

Some victorious and others defeated in past campaigns, Warrior’s returned to the field of battle for the 5th Annual Battle for the Bronx presented by Indigenous Skateboards. The engagements took place at the 157 st & River Ave Skate Plaza in The Bronx. Competitors of all ages participated in either the open (novice & intermediate) or advanced (sponsored) divisions to the delight of the crowd. With approximately 200 competitors and around 1500 spectators throughout the course of the day, Battle for the Bronx is one of the largest locally sponsored skateboard competitions of NYC and quickly becoming one of the best.

Participants arrived from as far away as Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Canada, California and the entire East Coast of the United States. From not as far but equally as impressive was the large contingent of individuals that make up the NY skate community who came out to show their support. Folks such as Steve Rodriquez, Rodney Torres, Louis Tolentino, Rob Campbell, Danny Supa, Jose Portes and Glen Chapman were all in attendance. With so much support, Battle for the Bronx was destined to be one to remember and it definitely delivered.

Locals once again challenged the best skaters from NYC and beyond and in a couple cases came up with wins. In this jam style format competition, which allows competitors to skate the entire park in heats of up to ten, skaters were all judged on trick difficulty, consistency, style and creativity. “With expression being a universally accepted principal of the activity called skateboarding, the jam style competition lends itself best to encouraging spontaneity” said Bert Correa, founder of Indigenous Skateboards.

Hi-chew who kicked off the action and sponsored the “Sweetest Trick Special” on the long six set rail whipped the whole park into a fury and Carlo Carezzano (Up There) walked away with the cash. In the open division Brandon Johnson (Culture) from the Bronx finished in first place followed by Isiah Edwards (Trophy Grip), Nelson Darden (Shut) all who received prize packages. At the end Robert Lopez Mont from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico emerged with the first place win taking home $750 dollars in cash and walked away with a new sponsor (Indigenous Skateboards). In second place with a $500 prize was Piro Sierra also from the Bronx (Politic) and in third Chris Pierre Jacques (5BORO) had a $250 win.

Battle for the Bronx would like to send a sincere thank you to all who the sponsors who helped make the 5th annual competition a reality: 5BORONYC, TORRO! NYC, Harold Hunter Foundation, Supra, Homage, InfamousNY, Rock Star, Hi-Chew, SHUT, NYSkateboarding.com, Tork Trucks, Zoo York, Heaven Bound 7, Reciprocal, POW!!, Broadway Distribution & The Vault. A special thanks also goes out to everyone who competed and participated but especially our fans. We could not do it without you all and we are proud to be one of many who represent New York City skating at its finest.

Contest Results:

1st – Robert Lopez Mont
2nd – Piro Sierra
3rd – Christopher Pierre Jacques

Hi-Chew’s Sweetest Trick Winner – Carlo Carezzano

Video via Javi JavWad Lopez: