Intro & interview by Peter Pabón – I met Chris McDonald aka “Cornphoto” one night at Max Fish through a mutual friend, Sean Gallagher – “You have to meet this photographer from DC, he’s DOPE!”, anyhow, I think it was the Gnarmad’s photo show at Max Fish. I’m snapping away, not happy with having to use a flash, I walk up to this guy in the back near the pool table hanging with Joseph Delgado and he poses, asks to look at the photo and tells me to set my shutter to 4 seconds… We geek out about photo techniques and the rest is history.

I am a huge fan of Corn, he’s out in the streets skating and shooting amazing sequences of kids throwing down, the only thing better than his photos is his personality. I am honor to call him a friend and we constantly geek out over photography , skateboarding, life, etc… If you meet him skating, its a guaranteed to be a fun session. OH, I personally love that he shoots film…

P.S. The Canonet QL-17 is dope, thanks homie!


Cornphoto’s Work:



Full name? Chris McDonald aka “Cornphoto”

What year did you start skating/photography? I’ve been skating since 1985 / Photography 1989

Where are we right now? Lit Lounge bar NYC


This or That:

Film or Digital? Film

Kodak or Fuji? Kodak

Canon or Nikon? Can you shoot photos on an iPhone?

BW or Color? Color

Sequences or Cover shot? Cover shot

Film or just photos? Just shots

In the viewfinder or post (edit/crop)? Both

Aperture or Lightroom? Photoshop

Stop down or wide open? Wide open


Location Stuff:

Where are you living currently? East coast fool

What’s your favorite spot of all time? In NYC? I just following skaters

Where would you like to skate/shoot/visit in the future? France & Spain

Who do you like shooting in NYC? Nolan Lee, Joseph Delgado, Rob Campbell, Dan Carrero, Piro Sierra & so many more!


NY Favorites:

Favorite skate shop in New York? Infamous NYC, Labor

Favorite New York based movie? Gangs Of New York

Favorite bar in New York? Lit


NY Opinions:

What did you think the first time you visited/skated NY? More energy

What makes New York different than other places to skate? Skaters

The Good of NY? Girls?

The Bad of NY? Stop talking sh#% about skateboarding!



Life is like a camera, focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop the negative, and if things don’t turn out right? Just take another shot.


Shout Outs/Plugs:, Peter [Pabón] for the interview, thanks to all of my homies from East Coast and the South East… also, look out for my photos in the mags!