The New York times has posted an article about Riverside Skate Park (aka Andy Kessler Memorial Skate Park) and how it’s been repaired in the past few months in the spirit of Andy Kessler (RIP). Big thanks to the crew who made this happen including: Haluk Luke Ayata, Tom Barnhart, Chris Bell, Brian Brown, Irene Ching, Ian Clarke, Dan Habu, Danielle De Jesus, Noel Korman, Ricky Mujica, Julian Melendez, John O’Malley, Joe Rockman, Jimmy Soloday, Nadia De Souza Ferreyra, Jacob Tillman. Read the full story here.

Also, we just added Andy Kessler Day 2013 & Riverside Skate Jam to our Event Calendar, come out and shred for Andy!