With 2013 coming to an end we had to put one final post up recapping some of the most memorable/popular articles on Huge thanks to all the fans of our site, our contributors and of course everyone who makes the wheels turn in the New York skateboarding community! Here’s a quick trip down 2013’s memory lane from January to June.

January 2013


  • Anthony Pappalardo drops some new footage shortly after his interview on 48Blocks.
  • Planetree Skate Park [88th St] was just a work in progress, we posted a first look.

February 2013


March 2013


  • v3.0 launches!
  • We begin our New York in the Mags feature (to become a spotty feature).
  • We began our #FREEPRODUCTFRIDAYS giveways.
  • House of Vans held an amazing event in memory of Matt Bell Jr.
  • Drop-In indoor skate park closes after 7 years

April 2013


  • We interviewed UXA’s Peter Hyunh
  • Long Island’s historical “New Skool Web” VHS went online.
  • To prove we actually leave New York sometimes we posted this.
  • Photographer Peter Pabon joined the NYSB crew.

May 2013


June 2013


We’ll run through July – December in Part II.

Our New Event Calendar launched!

We launched our new Event Calendar in March 2013, click through below to see how many events we posted to date.

Favorite Pics – Part 1