At the end of each year we put out a survey asking our readers for their New York favorites. The 2013 survey closed on January 1st, 2014 and after taking a few weeks to review all the results we selected several winners to receive a box of free product. Big thanks to everyone who participated and congrats to our winners.

For 2013 it looks like the majority of skateboarders live in Brooklyn and for favorite spots Brooklyn spots got the most noise. Homage, Labor and Skate Brooklyn are the favorite 3 skate shops in New York. Luis Tolentino, Gino Iannucci and Harold Hunter (RIP) were favorite Pros out of NY. 5Boro was considered the favorite NY brand and also the NY skate brand that does most for the New York skateboarding community. People’s favorite NY skate vid or part was pretty spread out, no major winner there. Off the board people like to make videos, play music and shoot photography. Pizza wins favorite food with dumplings following up in second and Harold Hunter Day and Go Skateboarding Day got the most votes for favorite NY skate events.

Polldaddy gives you a popular words cloud breakdown which we thought was a simple way to display the most common answers. Check out each survey question and it’s popular word cloud below.


1. What is your favorite skate shop in New York?



2. What is your favorite skate spot in New York?



3. Who is your favorite Pro or Am out of New York?



4. Which is your favorite skate brand out of New York?



5. Which NY brand is doing the most for the New York skateboarding community?



6. Which is your favorite NY skate video or NY based part?



7. What’s your favorite thing to do off the board?



8. What’s your favorite food or drink spot in New York?



9. What is your favorite New York skateboarding event?



10. Any additional comments?



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