Once Instagram added the ability to upload videos we [like many others] stopped playing around with Vine. August 1st, 2013 was the last time we uploaded something but recently we clicked through and decided to extract a few of our favorite NYSB Vines [still a big fan of the loop, wish Instagram would add that feature]. Anyway, embedded below are a few of our favorite Vines uploaded in 2013. If you want to view all of our Vines click here.

just another Subway ride

Christian Hosoi at House of Vans

early days of #nysbfreeproductfridays

Chris Kent BQE spot “one more time”

beginning days of the 88th St park

Jovantae Turner!

Silvester Eduardo top step

Ol’ Ginger Bastard killing Rockaway

Dirty Rotten Wolf #skatetrash

closing night of Max Fish

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